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Heartlands (‘Ere be Dragons) won the Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Award 2007

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

We (the artist from Active Ingredient, Capra and me from MRL) recently went to Tampere / Finland to collect the “Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Award 2007” for the heartrate-based game Heartlands (previously known as ‘Ere be Dragons).

The judges said “Heartlands (‘Ere Be Dragons) lets us discover a world on top of reality at the rhythm of our heartbeat. While running through nature or urban areas Heartlands augments our senses to perceive our body in an ingenious way. Controlling the game means controlling ourselves and thus our health. Art and technology are very rarely found to be bound to reality this tight, making an ordinary activity like running an exciting and highly motivating task by means of ubiquitous media.

MindTrek turned out to be a very nice conference. Unfortunately I had to work in my hotel room most of the time in order get another project going (see next post). I still managed to get out for a few hours and visited the Moominvalley museum, which brought back lots of childhood memories. You should go there if you ever visit Tampere.

Read a press release or two if you are interested in more details about the award.

Read a recent review of the game on Pocket Gamer and listen to an interview with artist Rachel Jacobs on BBC Radio Nottingham talking about the project. Also make sure to visit the project website and the AI blog.

First offspring of Lovecity

Monday, February 26th, 2007

26.02.2007, 12:20:
Venture, Tongue and View just created the first offspring of Lovecity. Their name is Silly. Welcome new citizen!

Lovecity up and running

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

A child is born: Lovecity, our location based mobile phone game, is up and running and participants are starting to play. Today we received about 250 SMS from players, including some from ourselves.

The last weeks have been a painful but highly rewarding time. I am extremely grateful to work with such a talented and enthusiastic team:

  • Capra and Michael do a great job on the website
  • Matt and Rachel provide the artistic input, polish things up and suffer from several nervous breakdowns (kidding!)
  • Robin and Christoph doing a tremendous job behind the curtains as lovely code monkeys

It’s been a blast. Thank you!

Visit the Lovecity website and join the game if you are from Derby, Leicester or Nottingham. It is live up to the 14th of march.


Friday, July 14th, 2006

ARGUI, the Augmented Reality Graphical User Interface, is a layer on top of ARToolKit for Windows which allows to use the familiar desktop 2D point and click metaphor on arbitrarily positioned and deformed surfaces in 3D Augmented Reality applications.

ARGUI was the technical part of my “Diplomarbeit” which is the equivalent to a final year project in a 4 years full-time course. It has been presented as on the second IEEE International Augmented Reality Toolkit Workshop 2003 in Tokyo, Japan.

For more info, downloads and papers check the ARGUI web-page.