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Amiga 34 Demoscene Talk

Sunday, October 13th, 2019

Today, Dascon and me game a demoscene talk at Amiga 34 in Neuss, which was a lovely event with many important news for the Amiga community. I leave it to someone else to cover all the amazing hardware and software news that premiered there.

Large audience, bigscreen reading "Amiga Demo" at Revision 2018 demo party

The focus of our talk was on cross-development of music and code, with a little bit of historical demoscene and computer-hobbyist background.


The Slides are available in different formats:


Here is a recording of our demoscene talk at Amiga 34 (it’s in English language as soon as I realized I continued talking in German after the introduction, so from 01:45 onwards).

Here is an archival version of the Live-Stream of the talk by Ozan/Rebels.


Music Cross-Development:

Code Cross-Development:

YouTube Videos featured in the talk:

Further links:

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