DCD1 – Amiga Demo CD

In 1997 a friend of mine (Dr.Dreyer) and me (Noname) worked on a demo cd project for AGA Amigas with 68030 CPU, because that was what we and many others had at that time. Our goal was to include all our favourite demos and not allow any crap on the CD. Our vision was to have every demo working from CD without worrying about unpacking, setting assigns, fiddling with commandline tools, etc.. We also intended to provide it with a review of every included demo, as my friend was working on his demo guide back then, pack it all up with a nice GUI, and then provide it via the then common distribution channels at a similar price than the Meeting Pearls series.

Although the CD was never finished for different reasons, the compilation of demos was actually pretty complete. The disc lacks the intended graphical user interface, but comes with command-line support that allows running each demo by changing to its directory and running a single command (“j”, or”rs” for reboot-starting). This would trigger a script that prepares the system as required (e.g. set specific assigns, switch to PAL modes for some demos, kill AGA on others) and then run the demo.

Get the CD-image here (multi-file ZIP archive): dcd1amiga.zip, dcd1amiga.z01, dcd1amiga.z02, dcd1amiga.z03, dcd1amiga.z04

The ZIP contains:

  • an NRG file for burning with Nero
  • an ADF file for use with WinUAE

The ADF contains an important update (total rewrite) of the tools. Please consider using these tools and disregard the tools that are contained on the CD. Everything was geared towards A1230 with Fast-Ram. I personally had a Blizzard 1230-II 50 MHz, but it should work on other configs as well.

This 1997 project is provided here in the hope that someone will actually enjoy it.

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  1. Ramon says:

    Ha! Thanks for CD-Image. In fact I will enjoy it 😉